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What Are Disappearing Waterfalls?

Disappearing waterfalls or “Pondless Waterfalls” are a great, low maintenance alternative to a pond for your landscape ideas. If you live in the [Your Service Areas] ​​​ surrounding areas. We can fill your yard with the sites and sounds of waterfalls and fluttering birds that bathe in the cascading water. But unlike a pond, the water ends up in a recirculating basin that is hidden under decorative gravel.

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Pondless Waterfalls Systems

The waterfall is undoubtedly the most beautiful and favored feature in a water garden. If space is lacking in your yard or you have safety concerns with a pond, go with a Pondless® (disappearing) waterfall! The name basically explains it all. It’s a waterfall and stream, without the pond.
So why would you want a waterfall without a pond? The truth is that a Pondless® Waterfall isn’t for everyone, but it can be a great alternative for someone who isn’t quite sure if an ecosystem pond is right for their family. If your looking for great landscape ideas in the [Your Service Areas] surrounding areas, look into having [Company Name] install a Disappearing Waterfall for you.

So Why Pondless Waterfalls?

The Disappearing Pondess Waterfall is perfect for those of you in the [Your Service Area] area who want a waterfall but aren’t so sure about a ecosystem pond or worried about young children around a pond. Pondless systems include the sound of a waterfall, rocks, gravel, and aquatic plants that you would normally have in a pond, but no fish and more important no water deeper than a couple of inches! That’s why it is called pondless! 

Space… The small size of the Disappearing Waterfall means you can build and enjoy a beautiful waterfall anywhere in your yard.

Maintenance… Taking care of your Pondless® Waterfall is easy. Filling the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for water loss because of evaporation is all that’s required.

Flexibility… Perhaps the best part of Disappearing Landscape Waterfall is the possibility for the future. If you change your mind later, wishing you had built an ecosystem pond, that is ok! If you leave enough room around the base of the waterfall, it is easy to add a pond onto an Pondless® Waterfall.

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